Japanese Movie for Television 1992

             As far as I can figure from the scant correspondence in the Japanese Film folder in his filing cabinets there were probably three visits by Japanese personnel to dad’s home and the Lab, around 1971-2, around 1987 and again around 1982.  Whether these bits of correspondence refer to one TV show or not, I cna’t tell, so I’m treating the correspondence which appears in the following gallery as a single show in spite of the fact that the correspondece covers so many years.
             On one trip, they apparenty spent 14 days in Dry Mesa itself filming and experiencing the reality of dull, dry, hard work that is collecting. They enjoyed it and apparently had enthusiastic audiences in Japan when the final show was on.  He gave them bones, rocks, and loaned slides and strips of movies. The latter  they paid for if they used in on the air, otherwise it was a loan.

Japanese Film Crew Gallery

The Dinosaur and the Asteroid

The Great Dinosaur Discovery”

BBC  “Horizon”

Japanese Television

BBC: “The Dinosaur Hunter



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