The galleries are divided into three groups, just as the website is divided into three major sections. The first major group/section is “The Man” himself, the second is Harvard, and the third is BYU. Some of the galleries listed below are waiting to be created - they are in black.  The ones that are available are blue. Double click on the item you wish and it will appear with three navigation arrows above it: an arrow to go forward/right, an arrow to go left/backward, and an arrrow to go up. If you click UP, you will go to the webpage where that gallery was created and will find the background behind it. I will add the new ones as they are created.


Nova Scotia Gallery

Ohio - Clark Hill

Florida: Thomas Farm

Texas - Boone Ranch

Florida: Wakullah Springs

Wyoming - McGrew Ranch

Argentina 1957 #1

West Virginia - Greer County

Argentina 1957 #2

Foam Experiment Gallery

Argentina 1957 #3

Kronosaurus Queeslandicus

Argentina  1957  #4

Dr. A.S. Romer

Argentina 1957 #5

Prepare Princeton Antrodemus


Assemble Princeton Antrodemus



Happy Valley

Andes #2


Timp Crab Tent Gallery


Timp Freight Toboggan Gallery

Last Chance

Antarctica Gallery



Wyoming - McGrew Ranch

Beaver Ridge

Moab Mill

Cactus Park

North Horn

Calico Gulch Road

Potter Creek

Calico Gulch


Opening Road to Calico

Powder Wash

Dalton Wells

Rock Corral

Dominguez Wells

Spanish Fork

Goldhill - Deserted Ranch

BBC: Making of a Continent

Dry Mesa Quarry


Japanese Film Crew - Dry Mesa



Family History Galleries:

Dad’s Childhood Gallery

Mom’s Childhood Gallery

Mercur Courtship Gallery

Seward 1941: Marriage & Homestead

Seward Alaska (1950’s) Gallery

Mom’s Dress Drawings



Galleries of Dad’s creations:

Gallery of Inventions

Dad’s Hawaiian Drawings

ZCMI Dress and Picture Gallery

Indian-Eskimo Paintings

Art Deco Gallery

Sculpture Gallery

Miscellaneous Paintings




Publicity Galleries:

Gallery of Magazines

Newspaper Clippings Gallery

 “What’s my Line?” Gallery

Academy of Achievement Gallery



Miscellaneous Galleries:

Joe’s Drafts of Indian Drawings

Goldhill -Deserted Ranch Gallery



          I have generated galleries as I could.  Note: All of the images used in these galleries are from my own and dad’s collection of photographs and pictures. The decision to create a gallery was based simply on the availablity of slides or photographs.  In some instances because I thought the subject was worth it, some of the galleries have only have 3 or 4 images. Others galleries have 40, 50 or more slides, the number depending entirely on what was available.
       Note that the number of slides varies considerably. Some galleries have only 3 slides while others have 50. It depends entirely on the material that dad left for me to work with. He did know he was leaving this stuff for me to use. I have that feeling may times as I push things around, trying to tell his story.
ALSO NOTE: APpproximately half of the 1957 Argentina slides are borrowed from Arnie Lewis. They are intermixed in the 5 galleries for Argentina 1957 so are not individually identified. However, if you wish to know, I can readily provide that information because Arnie’s slides are separated in the database.
           Dealing with dad’s slides was a nightmare. But so was dealing with his prints.  He had a way of winnowing the contents of each box of slides, removing the bad ones, the under exposed or fuzzy ones. Great idea, meant that there were only good slides in each box. That was fine, but he had habit which wreaked havoc with those tidy sets of “good” slides.  When he created slide shows, he would pull one slide from this box, 2 from that, and so on. The slides were stored in Kodak Carousel slide trays for the lecture.  The problem was that after the lecture was over, he tended to just pull the slides from the carousel and then place them willy nilly back into boxes, any boxes, so I would find Dry Mesa slides in Antarctica slide boxes.
         He did the same thing with the photographs but added a twist to make the sorting-organizing even more difficult. He would have multiple copies of his photographs made, and they would end up in different boxes and drawers. That has made it a nightmare to winnow the collection down to single organized set of photographs. It turns out that I am the last person who can make any sense out of his slides, because he has mixed personal and family slides with his paleontology slides. Sorting these photos and slides out for posterity is a job which I have taken on willingly, part of commitment to him to write his biography..






 Photo Galleries


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