True to form, dad never talked to me about this exciting project, i.e. cooperating with the BBC to make a movie about dinosaurs in Utah and Colorado.  The only reason I know anything at all about this project is that there were a handful of letters from the BBC to him, and some from him to the BBC. They obviously talk about a movie but since each letter addresses only a small piece of the overall picture, I don’t really know much more than what they contain. I am not even sure of the name. I have see “The Great Dinosaur Hunt” associated with this Horizon progam and another name involving extinction of dinosaurs. I don’t know what the name was, but based on the dates of the letters, I can place the production clearly. It was in 1972
             WAIT A MINUTE......I found another title, and since it is on aformal billing document, I am going to assume that it is the actual, correct name:

“Making of a Continent:
tem: Filming worlds largest dinosaur material with J.A. Jensen

October 08, 1982
For 6 weeks fork finishing repro. of worlds largest dinosaur leg
and shoulder and crane work on location, as per agreement with
Mike Andrews---------------------------------------------------------------$750. US”

BBC: Making a Continent 1971


The Dinosaur and the Asteroid

The Great Dinosaur Discovery”

BBC  “Horizon”

Japanese Television

BBC: “The Dinosaur Hunter


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