This space, called the Earth Sciences Museum, was build across the street from the BYU football stadium.  This photo shows Jim on the left with Brooks Britt in the middle, and I belive Rod Scheets on the right. Note the industrial quality of the furnishings as evident from the size of the vacuum scavenging system.  Jim worked for years in machine shops, in the ship yards in Pearl Harbor and on the Reactor Pile at Hanford Washington.  He understood that quality systems are necessary to do the job so he insisted on the same for the lab.
     The space these guys are working in is actually a tall bay.  Jim required that in order that he could articulate tall portions of skeletons, not that BYU would actually allow him funds to build a formal museum building, but he could at least see what limbs on large sauropods really looked like when reconstructed.

Earth Sciences Museum




Dry Mesa Quarry

My View of BYU Treatment



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