Movies-TV productions

(Clip from a 16 mm movie shot of dad collecting on Coalsack Bluff, Antarctica.)


The Dinosaur and the Asteroid and hour long Nova special in which he appears many times. The last scene is shot in his office. He’s sitting at the drafting table, with an eyeshade, chatting about dinosaurs while he draws freehand a large sauropod.

The Great Dinosaur Discovery:, and hour long 16 mm movie done by BYU in 1972, the summer I worked in Dry Mesa.

BBC  “Horizon” a 2 hour movie done by BBC

BBC: “The Dinosaur Hunter”  in 1982

Japanese Television show made in Dry Mesa


The Dinosaur and the Asteroid

The Great Dinosaur Discovery”

BBC  “Horizon”

Japanese Television

BBC: “The Dinosaur Hunter


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