Jim came into this world with a range of talents that few people could have handled.  He expanded most of them. They provided a frame of reference or expertise for the work he did in Paleontology. In this photo, he was aroud 30 years old. By that time, he had bummed across the US visiting 30 states, had worked in the Manhattan Project in Hanford, and in the reconstruction of Pearl Harbor and now lived on a 2 acre farm south of Vernal. He was working in ceramics at this time, doing block printing, and working as a machinist.
     Obviously, the talents and abilities, by themselves, didn’t guarantee anything.  It was his determination which ultimately allowed those talents to be manifested. He burned like an acetylene torch to achieve. This with the innate abilities caused him to excel in so many domains.  Plus his wife, his wife was a major factor, as noted above in The Woman, without whom he would not have amounted to much.
     I have had trouble dividing his talents or abilities or whatever one calls these ‘things’ into tidy groups. They overlap.  I tried to limit the ones in the Avocations series to those whereby he earned money, but he made money from some of his arts. The ones in the Art category are generally recognized as arts.