A problem that hadnít already been solved in Antarctica was how to move heavy loads across snow that was tilted at a steep angle.  Level ice wasnít a problem but  a slope was because most sleds would start sliding sideways and get out of control, losing the entire load and possible injuring the driver. So he decided that he would fabricate his own sled.  He designed it settling on specs that he thought would do the job, a long fairly narrow sled with runners made out of thick aluminum pieces shaped like angle iron. The narrow edge obviously was the bottom of the runner, the knive or edge that cut into the surface with enough auhtority to keep it in place.  The flat surface was the basis for bolting and welding on the freight cage. He rented a heli-ox welding system to do his own welding, thought it was a style he had never used before.  It was necesssary because aluminum melts at such a low temperature that a standard welding system just melts large holes in the stock. He succceded and build a successful sled.   This gallery includes all of the relevant slides:

Timp Freight Toboggan Trial Gallery


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