This was one of the biggies that brought so much publicity to Dinosaur Jim.  It was a colossal specimen that was doubtless a relation or form of brachiosaurus.  I spent a summer on Dry Mesa with him and had the privilege of finding BOTH of the scapulas. It turned out that the first one was the most photographed bone in the quarry.

Dad loved the photos of him lying his 6 3 along side the 9 foot scap + co-ossified coracoid (sort of like our collar bone). The Japanese man was part of a film crew that spent some time in the quarry making a full length documentary for television.

Go bacck to the preceding page where the front leg is suspended in the lab. This long bone by dad is the very top bone on the leg, the scapula, that looks pretty small compared to the limb bones. Ultrasaurus was gigantic.



Eddie & Vivian Jones

Jack McIntosh

 Japanese Film Makers


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