Ruth in Ichigulasto, Argentina, 1958
                                                    Ruth Romer, Reqiescat in Pace

    This is Ruth, wife of Alfred, a matched pair.  I wish I had a more dignified photo of Ruth but I donít so Iíll use whatís at hand. This is actually a good way to show her, because it shows that she wasnít a stay-at-home society woman and that she, like her husband, got into the middle of the quarry and got her hands dirty.  This photo was taken in the foothills of the Andes in Argentina in 1957, and shows several important things about Ruth.

             Thinking back about her today, I see how remarkable she was. I donít know a thing about her antecedents so have no idea whether she came from society of otherwise, but whatever her antecedents were, she was a person who didnít stand of tradition, who liked people, who accepted people.  She was plain and honest and could speak her mind when necessary. But anything that appeared like anger was probably deserved.  It was an honor to count her as my own friend over those 15 or so years when we maintained a correspondence. She replied quickly and asked interesting questions and told me things that they were doing. She was a grand woman.

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