It is remarkable just how many publications he generated. This is a man who physically cringed when a sentence of his was revised even a small bit. How did he stand it when editors haggled and hassled over his writing? The obvious answer was that the payoff, i.e. publicity, was worth the pain. Right?
       Interestingly, his first publications were true stories about hunts which were published in Alaska before he went to Harvard. That is a measure of his determination to be published.  These articles are talked about here.  In addition to the descriptions that he did of dinosaurs which are listed here, he published these articles, several while he was at Harvard with Dr. Romer and later, the remainder at BYU:

JA Jensen. 1961. "A New Casting Medium for Rigid and Flexible Molds". CURATOR, Vol.IV,
     Number 1, The American Museum of Natural History, N.Y.

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     of Utah, U.S.A."  Bulletin of The British Museum (Natural History) Geology, Vol. 12, No. 4,
     London, England,    (This article includes specie named for dad.)

JA Jensen. 1968. "Withdrawing an Old Deposit from a National Treasury, (Recovering a
     New Species of Dinosaur)".  OUR PUBLIC LANDS, U.S. Department of the Interior,
     Bureau of Land Management, Vol. 18, No. 1, Winter.

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     Chiniquodontid Cynodont with an Incipient Squamosal-Dentary Jaw Articulation. "
     Breviora, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University. Feb. 27, No. 344,
     (This article named this cynodont after dad. When dad made a big deal about having a dinosaur named
     after him, mom would remind him that this one had a little tiny brain.)

PM Galton, JA Jensen. June 1973. ”Small Bones of the Hypsilophodontid Dinosaur
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from the Upper Jurassic of Utah.  Brigham Young University Geology Studies,
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PM Galton, JA Jensen. DATE?? “Remains of Ornithopod Dinosaurs from the Lower
     Cretaceous of North America,” JOURNAL???   [The reprint which I have of the above article
     doesn’t show date or name of publication.  The most recent date in the bibliography is 1977, so I’ll assign
     it arbitrarily to 1977. I cannot guess at the journal name.]

PM Galton, JA Jensen. July 1979. “A New Large Theropod Dinosaur from the Upper Jurassic
     of Colorado.” Brigham Young University Geology Studies,  Vol. 26: Part 2, pp. 1-12.

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, Vol. 58, pp.109-128.

JA Jensen. “A New Oldest Bird? 1981. Anima: 33-39. Tokyo. [In Japanese][I don’t know why he
       published it in Japanese other than that he was mad about something . Nate translated a sentence that
       said, “Rebuttal to 1980 book of Allan Feducia “so that is probably why it was printed in Japanese.  He              even destroyed all English language copies of the manuscript  I found this cite in the Jensen Padian 1989
       Bib so will use it here.]

DR Prothero, JA Jensen. Oct. 1983, “A Mammalian Humerus from the Upper Jurassic of
     Colorado.”  Great Basin Naturalist, Vol. 43, No. 4, pp.551-53.

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Jensen, J.A., and K. Padian. 1989. “Small pterosaurs and dinosaurs from the Uncompahgre Fauna (Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation: ?Tithonian), Late Jurassic, Western
Colorado”. Journal of Paleontology 63: 364-373. (They correct the erroneously named Paleopteryx thompsoni as a small deinonychosaur or bird.)
        Note how widely this article has been cited, which suggests that the article broke some new ground.  These are some of the websites that quote this title, some of them heavyweights: