Non-Paleo Staff


     This group of non-paleo people worked in the same building and had varying relationships to dad, depending on their specialty and personalities, as far as a kid could tell.

Edith Scammon,

Tilly Edinger

Elizabeth “Liska” Deichmann

Myvanwy Dick,

Ernest Williams,

Raymond Painter

Ernst Mayr,

Most of these people had a close relationship with Dr. Romer that was as personal as professional. I say that because they all, except for Ornithology, appeared at his summer house in Pelham for summer outings, or went to Clam Bakes or the Christmas parties.
           The following block shows the Paleo people for each of accessing them:

 Ruth Romer

Arnie Lewis

Nelda Wright

Dr. Patterson

Don Baird

Joe O-Leary

Henry Seton

Non-paleo People

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