Map of Utah quarries

       During the final years of his professional career and some after retirement, he pursued the idea of publishing, in a single volume, a summary of the major finds at all of his quarries. I asked Rod Scheetz, one of his successors, if he could provide me a list of all of dadís quarries. The response was a surprise, yet it wasnít. Rod reported that dad sort of concealed some things. Well. As I went through his documents years later, I ran across a single page map. It was alone, probably? displaced from its location in the manuscript itself. I found it smuggled amongst some photos of Utah and Alaska, soI donít know whether this was intentiopnal on his part or an accident of the rushed packing that was done to empty the house.
           Note that he has identified -along the top edge of the map- these quarries as Jurassic and Cretaceous. This is it:


They are placed in chronological order.

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