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         Jack McIntosh is, according to dad’s estimation, perhaps the most prominent sauropod (like brontosaurus) specialist in the US - at least when I was dealing with dinosaurs and dad in the ‘80’s.  Since Dry Mesa yielded several new sauropods it was a natural draw for Dr. McIntosh, who did visit the place as often as he could. He mentioned this annual experience this way in his letter of condolensces:

            I met Jim first in the early ‘70s at an SVP Meeting.  Knowing of my interest in sauropods, he pulled out of his pocket a beautiful little Diplodocus-like premaxilla from the [[Cactus Park Quarry]] to show me. Not only did he collect some of the biggest bones ever found, but many tiny gems as well.  He ended up giving this bone to Vivian Jones.  A year or so later while driving through Colorado, I heard on the radio that a major dinosaur find had been made in the western part of the state. Suspecting that this must be connected with Jim, I called BYU and was referred to a telephone operator in Delta.  On calling Delta, I was told by the operator all about the Dry Mesa quarry and was given explicit instructions as to how to get there. After traveling miles on forest roads trying to avoid gigantic logging trucks, which traveled at break neck speeds and could have easily brushed my little car off into a ravine, I finally arrived at the quarry only to find a circus atmosphere...”  (Used with Dr. McIntosh’s permission)

     Later in dad’s career when he started writing what was to be his magnum opus, but which was stillborn, he received considerable encouragement from Dr. McIntosh to complete the project. His support was such that he would even contribute $30,000 to the project.



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