Iguanodon Ottingeri

Iguanodon ottingeri

  This is a different specie than Ottingeri but it shows the characteristic body form and size.





Galton & Jensen,1979

Cretaceous Early Albian

Ornithischia Ornithopoda Iguanodontia NOMINA DUBIA


Cedar Mountain Formation, (Dalton Wells Quarry) Utah, US


I’ve got to tell a story about this one that has nothing to do with the dinosaur, rather with a rock hound family. I don’t think it involved the Ottingers. I put the story here because I have to put it somewhere and there is no “best” place. This is not a reflection at all on the Ottingers that dad liked and who gave him good information about dinosaur locations. So forget their name and enjoy the story, which was told by dad with great gusto and hand gestures.

He had been in sourhtern Utah checking out rock hounds and collection sites and came to this particular family. They had been alternately friendly and stand-offish with him, fearing that he would somehow get the best of them - which he probably would have done if it had been possible.  This time he was armed with a secret that he calculated would turn them into lap dogs. It did.

He had in his truck some beautiful reproductions of several dinosaur bones, among them the mandible (jaw) of an Antodemus.  At an appropriate time in the festivities stimulated by his visit, he told them that he had to go to the truck for a minute, would they mind? Of course they wouldn’t, so he went. When he returned, he had the shiny black bones and with his usual ceremonial style offered them to the family as a token of his appreciation of the information they had given him earlier. (an in a hope that they would just continue to do that in the future).

They were undone by the gift. truly. In a fit of grandiosity, they hunted quickly for an appropriate gesture and landed on the idea of cooking him dinner while he waited. He wasn’t too sure about that because he ahd seen the livestock and pets that had free rein in the kitchen, tables, couch and so on. But he had no level with which to beg of. He was stuck. So with visions of salmonella,, he told them he’d be happy, gulp, to have dinner with them.

At which point Mrs. X descended on the kitchen and gve it a cleaning up that had been needed for several years.  She threw out piles of things and managed to get down to the dining table. It had such a crust of stuff on it, that she had to use a large butcher knife to scrape the crap off.  Then she scrubbed it as best she could, but some of the finer flora was still there. Dad swallowed hard, waited, did his best to the dinner and did not get ptomaine poisoning, but he shuddered every time he told the story of that table and the butcher knife.





IGUANODON ottingeri




Jensen vide Olshevsky, 1991

ULTRASAUROS macintoshi