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There are approximately 200 pages on this website, with hundreds of images and PDF’s.  It is, therefore, difficult to keep track of where you are.  The internet is not really built for deep websites with this much stuff. I am sure that other large site struggle with this same problem.  However, there are three methods to help you find your way around:

Method 1. Site Mapper THIS IS THE BEST METHOD TO USE SO GET COMFORTABLE WITH IT NOW AND YOU’ll BE SET. See the small brownish in the upper left corner? with the name “SITE MAP”? That tiny little applet (cotlet?) is far more powerful that its size suggests. Double-click on it and you get a pop-up window.  In the window is a ‘tree’ of the entire site -if you have selected the choice on the bottom of the window that says to display ALL pages. Roll SLOWLY over the branches and a text note will popup with the name of that branch. Double click to go directly that page. If you like a vertical outline style, you can make that choice at the top of the page. Using that you can’t get lost and can always find your way out.

Method 2:  Colored buttons. This is the standard set of navigtion button most websites use in the left column - and along the bottom of the screen. They are brightly colored and easy to use:

      Level 1  - BLUE  -
      Level 2 - GREEN
      Level 3 -  RED-
      Level 4 -  BLACK

When you click on them, they show the levels immediately under the button you clicked  - but only up to four levels. The SITE MAPPER is better.

Method 3.  DynaButtons,a screen-wide band at the bottom of the page, shows the four major buttons: THE MAN, QUARRIES, HARVARD, and BYU. When you roll the cursor across them, a window drops down to show what hangs from that blue button. Scroll down and double-click an item to get to that page. It is more helpful that the Navigation Buttons, though not as pretty. But the SITE MAPPER is still better.







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