Argentina #1


       This expedition went to Ichigualasto near the foothills of the Andes in western Argentina. Elements of new species were discovered.  The story is told in “The Road to Chilecito” written by James A Jensen, published posthumously through the good services of Tom Rich, Australia.
         There was considerable acrimony with the Argentine authorities some of whom decided to basically steal the collected specimens from Dr. Romer who had been granted proper authorities and licenses to collect.  One of six cases of specimens was surreptitiously snuck out of the country by using back roads to conceal their route.
       There are a large number of slides of this dig, some of which will be put up here in slide shows later.
         Here’s a slide show of a few of the photos taken during the six months they were gone. I borrowed some of Arnie Lewis’ slides in 2005 but found that they were mostly duplicates of ones I already had.

Argentina 1957 Gallery #1

Argentina 1957 Gallery #2

Argentina 1957 Gallery #3

Argentina 1957 Gallery #5

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Argentina #1


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